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DEG 460: BFA Portfolio course at Sessions College

DEG 460: BFA Portfolio

3 credits

DEG 460: BFA Portfolio

Polish your presentation of work for clients and employers

In this class, you will finalize your portfolio, business materials, and resume, in preparation for pursuing or advancing your design career. Working with your instructor, you will hone your BFA-level projects into a persuasive presentation of final work. The course structure includes the opportunity to enhance your portfolio as well as demonstrate your ability to effectively communicate the depth of your creative and technical skills, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, work ethic, and passion for developing impactful and compelling professional work.

Course At A Glance

Course Features

  • 100% online
  • Project-based
  • Instructor-led
  • Credit-bearing: 3 Credits
  • Classes start January, April, and August


The course is taught by the following instructor(s):

Course developed by: Dr. Meryl P. Epstein

This course is only available to students enrolled in BFA programs.

Course Projects

    1. Start Where You Are

      You've come a long way in this program. We will begin the class with a review of your existing portfolio, in which we will get familiar with the portfolio requirements for this class.

    2. Curating Your Work.

      We will roll up our sleeves and assess how to curate your work and structure each presentation to create a "Wow sandwich."

    3. Preparing for Your Presentation.

      We will address how your portfolio class fits into your larger goals of channeling constructive feedback, marketing yourself, optimizing your presentations, and acing your interviews.

    4. Assessment Criteria

      Student work will be evaluated to assess the achievement of program outcomes defined for their Bachelor's Degree program. Please consult the appropriate program page for a complete statement of program outcomes.


Sample Student Work

For sample work, visit student gallery

Course Outcomes

What Are The Course Projects?

The main focus of this course will be on assembling your portfolio. The first draft submission will be to your instructor at the midpoint of term. The second submission will be at end of term, where you will present your final work to your instructor and your classmates.

Here's a summary of expected components:

 Number of PiecesDue By
Hardcopy portfolio 10-15 piecesDue Week 14
Digital portfolio PDF10-15 pieces1st draft due Week 8, 2nd draft due Week 14
Portfolio website10-20 pieces1st draft due Week 8, 2nd draft due Week 14
Sell sheetAt least two portfolio pieces1st draft due Week 8, 2nd draft due Week 14
BFA Portfolio Show submissionNo more than 10 piecesDue Week 12

What Software or Supplies Do I Need?

To take this course, you'll need:

  • Computer with Internet connection.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign CC.

What Will I Learn?

Students in this course can expect to learn to:

By completing this course, a student can expect to develop the following competencies:

  • Review BFA Portfolio Guidelines and assess your current portfolio to identify enhancements to your portfolio.
  • Develop and/or refine your promotional materials and resume.
  • Evaluate venues to effectively market your creative and technical skills to potential employers and/or clients.
  • Integrate feedback as you finalize your portfolio as well as individual creative pieces.
  • Effectively present your portfolio to your instructor and peers.
  • Prepare your portfolio for exhibition within the Sessions College BFA Portfolio Show accessed through the college website.

Getting Started

Course Registration

  • Classes start January, April, and August
  • 3 Credit Course
  • Project-Based: Exercises, Discussions, and Critiques

Course Tuition and Fees 
Registration Fee* $200
Total Course Price $1730

Registration fees are nonrefundable after 5 days from enrollment. All tuition includes a digital materials fee for course content.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What Are The Courses Like?

Our courses are project-based. In each course you’ll enjoy a series of lectures, projects, discussions, and critiques designed to stretch your creative skills, earning college credit for your completed course.

How Much Time Do I Need?

Classes start January, April, and August, and this course can be completed in a 15-week term.

Who Are The Instructors?

Our courses are developed and taught by our faculty of professional artists, designers, and photographers. This means that you’ll learn in-demand skills, get feedback on your work, and build a portfolio of creative work.

Is Sessions College accredited?

Yes. Since 2001, Sessions College has been accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). The Distance Education Accrediting Commission is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).