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(Tempe AZ - December 7, 2015)

In today's fast-changing workplace, staying up to date with software and technology changes, and even changes in design practices, can be a challenge for professional designers. To help meet this need, Sessions College for Professional Design (sessions.edu) announces an important new partnership to offer its art and design courses with HOW Design University (howdesignuniversity.com), the online education arm of HOW Design.

"Designers are constantly being asked to learn more and do more, on the job," says Gordon Drummond, President, Sessions College. "Our courses and programs provide up-to-date training and relevant skills, and the opportunity to get feedback from other professional designers on your work. It's a flexible way to go back to school while still committed to your career."

Since 1997, Sessions College has delivered high quality, fully online courses and programs in a range of visual arts subjects to a global audience of adult learners.

Founded in 1985, HOW serves an audience of professional graphic designers in a multitude of ways, including its award-winning design magazine, competitions, and conferences. In 2011, the company added online learning to the mix with the launch of HOW Design University, a portal to provide graphic and web design online courses in formats ranging from one-week workshops to intensive self-paced courses and In-House Management certification programs.

“Staying relevant in today’s ever changing technology driven world is a must, that’s where HOWU comes in,” says Jinnie Compton, Online Education Manager, HOW Design University. “We offer designers a place to learn new skills and to keep current skills up-to-date. By partnering with Sessions College, we are able to broaden our course offerings and provide our students with a richer learning environment.”

About Sessions College

Sessions College offers accredited visual arts online degree and certificate programs as well as individual courses. Its mission is to prepare art and design professionals for successful careers by providing the highest quality of online design education. Students gain a thorough training in the technical, creative, and critical-thinking skills that are required for a fast-changing industry.

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