Fall 2023 Degree Scholarships

by Sessions Staff | October 1, 2023
We are proud to announce four scholarship winners who entered the Sessions College degree program in Fall 2023. Our Degree Scholarship Program for new BFA and Associate Degree applicants offers financial awards in multiple adult learner categories, and our new Arena Hall scholarship provides options for students with financial need.

The Acceptance Committee would like extend its thanks to all who applied! The committee’s job is never easy. The winners are:

  • Marcela Oregon – BFA in Digital Photography
  • Felicia Keller – AOS in Web Design
  • Katie Pojorlie – AOS in Graphic Design
  • Brittany Shaeffer – BFA in Digital Photography

We’re delighted to have these four students join our degree programs. Here are some highlights from applicant essays:

Marcela Oregon – BFA in Digital Photography

Taking online courses not only gave me the freedom to work on my own time but also gave me the confidence to study wherever I pleased. With online classes, I have the freedom to escape to any place I chose and lock in on my projects without any distractions. Not having a degree has not stopped me from creating beautiful landscapes, portraits, and even a music video! However, I believe that working towards my Bachelors Degree will challenge me and help me understand all the areas of photography that will give me the confidence I feel I need to succeed in this field! I would like to pursue digital photography and eventually own a studio building where other creators can feel comfortable and create their best work.

Felicia Keller – AOS in Web Design

I have recently completed the UC in Website Design and decided to continue to work for my Associate’s Degree in the same field (and move on to a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, one step at a time). I have had a wonderful experience with Sessions College and will be looking forward to staying on as a student. I am confident that my continued education will pay off for me in the near future. I now have the option to decide when and how much me on a daily basis to apply to my weekly assignment schedule. Given that I must balance numerous obligations in my hectic life, online education’s flexibility is priceless!!

Katie Pojorlie – AOS in Graphic Design

As a full-time shift-worker, online learning is the only way I could obtain another degree. Even if there were a college nearby that provided an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design, my work schedule wouldn’t allow me to commit to attending classes at a certain time every week. People with day jobs may be able to attend evening classes, but I regularly work in the evenings. Online learning allows me to complete the assignments on my schedule, whether I’m working days, evenings, or nights. My experience studying at Sessions showed me that I can successfully obtain more education while working shifts, and I can keep up with the expected pace.

Brittany Schaefer – BFA in Digital Photography

The strict environment of a traditional program would not work for me at all. Besides the scheduling conflicts and extra stress that it would no doubt create, childcare, and the extra costs like fuel, food-on-the-go, car maintenance and even transportation for the kids would put a huge strain on my already strained finances. An online program is my opportunity to achieve something great so that I may better myself and completely change our life trajectory.

“A warm welcome to you all. We’re delighted to welcome these students with diverse learning goals and creative aspirations to Sessions College!” – Sessions College President Gordon Drummond.

To find out more about degree program scholarships at Sessions College, visit our Creative Learner Scholarship page and our Arena Hall Scholarship. Awards are available for eligible new program enrollees in a range of categories. Scholarships may be combined with other forms of aid such as Federal Student Aid to make your program more affordable.

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