New Course: Marketing Design

by Sessions Staff | October 23, 2012
Sessions College is delighted to announce the release of a new Marketing Design course, a new intermediate level design course available for Fall 2012. Developed by ace Sessions instructor Paul Halupka, the course explores how to create designs that achieve marketing goals.

Drawing on Paul’s extensive experience as both an in-house and freelance designer, the course addresses many concepts that are essential to any designer creating a career in a commercial space, such as how to manage a project as an art director, how to work with a client’s existing brand, how to work with the presence (or absence) of formal marketing data/research, how to scale your approach to different client budgets, and more.

The course is packed with professional case studies that discuss design challenges in the context of business challenges, equipping the student for managing real-life client scenarios in an engaging and accessible manner. in Spring 2013, the course will become the cornerstone of the Marketing Design certificate program.

Marketing Design course projects provide many exciting new opportunities for portfolio building—posters, brochures, collateral, identity suites—in a range of client settings, from an “image building” campaign to non-traditional, non-profit design work. It’s a very creative course that’s ideal for a student looking for tools and approaches for working with business clients.

As Paul explains: “When we talk about marketing, it’s important to remember that this is a giant, complex machine, like the internal workings of a huge clock. Imagine looking at the clock Big Ben. There are all kinds of cogs, gears, axles, and pulleys that make the machine function smoothly and effectively. But all we see, in the end, is what time it is. This course focuses on a single cog in a giant machine, the one where design thinking really starts to play a role. We can call this marketing design.”

Just as exciting, the course instructor for Marketing Design will be faculty member Kristen Becker, a marketing veteran with many years of e-commerce experience as former director of online design store Kir Devries. For more details on this course or related programs, visit our online certificate programs area.

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