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Clara Lefrance

Clara LaFrance is a freelance graphic designer when she is not pursuing her dreams as a circus teacher and performer. Clara has an M.F.A. in graphic design from Boston University.

Maurice Sendak

RIP Maurice Sendak, may we all venture forth to find our own Wild Things and have our own Wild Rumpuses. Thank you for paving the way of adventurers. Life has hard parts, and life has scary parts, even when you’re a kid.

Creativity and Boredom

I was a living statue for years as a performance artist while I was working on my Master’s in graphic design. In the years I performed regularly, I (and other street performers, jugglers, and musicians) noticed a few shifts in our audiences.

Signs of Spring

Today marks the first day of spring. It’s the Equinox and it has been unseasonably warm out here in the Northeast. If it seems as though spring is early this year, it is!

A Blank a Day

What do you do every day? Brush your teeth, put on your shoes, make your coffee. What else do you do every day? Can you fit in one more task? Will that task change your life?

Social Media, Memes, and Your Work

Word of mouth has always been the best advertiser. Social media takes word of mouth beyond conversations over the water cooler and to the internet, and the widest social network a person likely has.

Audience Participation in Art and Design

of the audience as an integral part of his work.

Molly Ampersand: Part 2

Part II of our talk with Molly Ampersand, graphic designer and font designer.

Molly Ampersand: Part 1

Meet graphic designer and font designer Molly Ampersand McLeod.

Molly in an Illustrator Costume
Designing with Disabilities in Mind

A Dutch design studio created a font to make reading easier for dyslexics.

Advertisement piece by Brandon Advertising & Public Relations
Using WordPress for Web Design

Sessions Print Production and InDesign Basics instructor Paul Halupka is a print design veteran. What does it take for a print designer to switch gears to Web design, and how does popular blog platform WordPress enter the mix? We interviewed Paul to fi …