Certificate Program Graduations: January/February 2016

by Sessions Staff | March 15, 2016
Sessions College for Professional Design is pleased to congratulate another group of Vocational Certificate students who graduated in January and February. Program certificates were issued to the following students:

Pictured above are:

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Angelica Enwesi, Barbi Larkins, Christine Funke,  Dace Saba, Ian Carl Gimenez, Jennifer Poliquin, Josh Watts, Karen Birdwell, Kelly Owen, Lisa Chattoo, Michael Strickler, Nina Horten, Shoba Jayaraman, Victoria Amore. (Not Pictured: Alexandra DeMitchell, Cynthia Jackson, Erin Prosser-Loose,  Manisha Mittal, Tyler Hafner)

On behalf of Sessions College staff and faculty, we congratulate each of these students for meeting program objectives and graduation requirements.

  • Alexandra DeMitchell: Digital Arts Professional Certificate
  • Angelica Enwesi: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate
  • Barbi Larkins: Marketing Design Advanced Certificate
  • Christine Funke: Web Design Professional Certificate
  • Cynthia Jackson: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate
  • Dace Saba: Marketing Design Advanced Certificate
  • Erin Prosser-Loose: Graphic Design Professional Certificate
  • Ian Carl Gimenez: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate
  • Jennifer Poliquin: Web Design Advanced Certificate
  • Josh Watts: Graphic Design Professional Certificate
  • Karen Birdwell: Marketing Design Professional Certificate
  • Kelly Owen: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate
  • Lisa Chattoo: Web Design Professional Certificate
  • Manisha Mittal: Web Design Advanced Certificate
  • Michael Strickler: Graphic Design Professional Certificate
  • Nina Horten: Graphic Design Advanced Certificate
  • Shoba Jayaraman: Web Design Advanced Certificate
  • Tyler Hafner: Multimedia Arts Professional Certificate
  • Victoria Amore: Digital Arts Professional Certificate

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