Web Design Courses

Web design and development is an exciting, constantly changing field. You can develop hand coding and front-end design skills for website design in our accredited programs, with the guidance of our expert instructors.

Keep pace with the latest techniques in our online Web design courses. Topics range from HTML and CSS hand-coding to our intensive classes on JavaScript/JQuery, and WordPress. And with our Photoshop courses, your site is looking sweet. Scheduled and self-paced enrollment options are available.

Advanced CSS

Online CSS course image Create responsive flexbox layouts with powerful CSS techniques

Dreamweaver I

Dreamweaver course image Learn to build Web sites with the Adobe HTML editor

Dreamweaver II

Advanced dreamweaver course image Build advanced, interactive sites with Dreamweaver

Dynamic Web Development with PHP

php course image Learn the basics of coding with PHP and MySQL


E-commerce course image Learn the fundamentals of e-commerce site design


HTML CSS course image Create standards compliant Web sites using HTML and CSS

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing course Learn proven strategies for marketing your business online

JavaScript for Designers

Javascript Jquery course image Learn to code with JavaScript and jQuery

Web Design Capstone Project

Web design capstone A portfolio project for Web Design majors

Web Design I

Online web design course image Develop a professional approach to Web design

Web Portfolio Design

online portfolio design course image A step-by-step guide to creating your online portfolio

Web Typography

Web type course image Explore new creative frontiers in Web typography

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Did you know? You can take a course as part of an award-winning certificate or degree program.