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Discounts and Promotions

At Sessions College, we believe in helping students afford their education. On this page, we list our currently available discounts and promotions. Discounts allow eligible students in well-defined groups to enroll at a reduced tuition rate and/or waive specific fees. If the discount is a promotion with a specific expiration date it will be listed, and the promotion will not extend beyond the expiration date.

BFA Program Promotions

Sessions College BFA programs provide an unparalleled opportunity to access a cutting edge online Bachelor’s degree. Associate Degree graduates may take advantage of the following promotional offers:

Associate Degree Graduates

1. BFA Enrollees will receive a grant of $50 per credit hour (based on schedule) for every semester until the completion of the BFA program. (Does not include repeated courses.)

2. Program Change: Change of enrollment to another program will result in the cancellation of the above grant.

3. Terms and Conditions: Students must maintain a good financial and academic standing with Sessions College.

Promotions Expire: July 15th, 2022.

Active Servicemember Discount

Sessions College programs are approved for military tuition assistance (TA) as a participating institution in the Department of Defense voluntary education Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Our Active Servicemember Discount enables TA eligible students to minimize out-of-pocket costs when using tuition assistance for their education.

Students who are eligible for military tuition assistance (TA) may:

  • Enroll in Associate Degree or Undergraduate Certificate programs at $250/credit tuition.
  • Study full-time or part-time.
  • Registration fees are waived.
  • Apply available tuition funding each year subject to the per year TA program funding caps

Discount Expires: N/A – Continuous Program