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The Admissions Team

At Sessions College, we pride ourselves on establishing a relationship with our students as no few other schools can. Our team is comprised of designers from all walks of life: photographers, fine artists, Web designers, graphic designers, and more! Sessions College is made for designers by designers, and it shows in the quality of our accredited programs and the expertise of our Admissions Team.

Jessica De La Garza, Senior Director of Admissions

(800) 258-4115 ext. 172

As Senior Director of Admissions, Jessica’s goal is to help students find the best path to achieving their career goals. She has spent nearly a decade in the print industry, learning to take designs from the digital screen and bring them into a tangible reality that clients can hold in their hands. As a working mom, she can relate to the challenges inherent with finding time in an overloaded schedule to broaden one’s education, and she is passionate about guiding students who feel the pressures of a full-time agenda. When not at Sessions, Jessica can be found balancing freelance design with spending time with her kids, playing video games, and checking out Arizona’s growing number of craft breweries.


Kimberly O’Hanlon, Assistant Director of Admissons

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Kimberly began her career at Sessions College in 2010, and has held a range of innovative roles. As Assistant Director of Admissons, she mentors incoming students in review of their creative arts aspirations. On the marketing end, she ensures the Sessions College mission, vision, and value proposition are clearly and consistently communicated, all while fostering a friendly team culture and community spirit. Kimberly is the Vice Chair of her city’s Arts and Cultural Commission, where she is an integral part of encouraging cultural diversity and improving livability with art. Prior to joining Sessions College, she was a Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator at ICM Document Solutions, where she contributed to a range of design projects, including company slicks, web design, and email campaigns. She has also been a freelance designer for nearly a decade. Kimberly earned an AAS in Graphic Design from Glendale Community College, and is pursuing a BA in Business Administration at Oregon State University. Aside from the professional world, Kimberly enjoys hiking, kayaking, traveling, and coffee.

Michael Flores, Senior Admissions Advisor

(800) 258-4115 ext. 177

Admissions Advisor Michael Flores is a Cartoonist with an AAS in Graphic Design from Mesa Community College in Mesa Arizona. Coming from a family of automotive mechanics, his first career choice was to follow in the footsteps of his father and brothers and be a mechanic, but at the age of forty five decided on a career change and worked to obtain his degree in an art field. Michael’s accomplishments have been working as a freelancer designing logos and business cards, as well as working as a marketing representative creating e-blasts for mailing lists. In his spare time Michael enjoys creating YouTube videos where he demonstrates to viewers his style of drawing cartoon cars, his favorite subject.

Melyssa Solis, Admissions Advisor

(800) 258-4115 ext. 163

Before joining Sessions College, Admissions Advisor Melyssa Solis worked in print media, which included working on projects such as branding, social media, and signage. She also worked as a freelance designer creating logos, flyers, business cards, and posters while catering to each client to help their businesses grow. Melyssa graduated in 2016 with a Bachelors in Graphic Design, and enjoys hiking, drawing, watching movies, and spending time with her family. Melyssa hopes to help current and future designers advance and continue in their future endeavors.

Austin White, Admissions Advisor

(800) 258-4115 ext. 171

Admissions Advisor Austin White received his Bachelors of Communication Arts from Benedictine University Mesa in 2018 where he developed skills in the Adobe Creative Suite. During his time as an Admissions Assistant, he accumulated over three years of experience in college admissions. For Austin, Sessions College of Professional Design was a meeting of his creative passion and experience; as an Admissions Adviser he believes in the value of integrity and reliability. Professionally, Austin has tackled everything from business portraits, touch-ups, and photo manipulation, while in his free time he enjoys photography, creative Photoshop projects, and playing guitar.