Change of School Mission

by Gordon Drummond | October 10, 2019
Every educational institution needs a mission, a formal statement of what it’s all about, what it focuses on, and who it aims to serve. An effective mission statement can be transformational, helping move the organization forward by uniting staff and faculty under a common cause.

This Fall, the Sessions College Education Team conducted a school mission review, in which we asked all stakeholders (from students to faculty, staff, directors, advisory board and board members) for input on our mission, and reviewed scores of thoughtful comments.  Finally, at the end of September, Dr. Meryl Epstein’s team analyzed the feedback and crafted a new, improved mission for board approval.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed comments in this process. I hope you see some of your inspirational ideas in our mission update. As we enter our reaccreditation year in 2020, it’s exciting to have a mission that’s ever more focused on student success, relevant programs, talented faculty, and empowering creatives.

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Gordon Drummond is the President of a Sessions College, where he is Director of Instructional Design, among many roles. He's passionate about education, technology, and the arts, and likes to surround himself with more talented people.