December 2023 Student Gallery

by Sessions Staff | December 16, 2023
Greetings, Sessions students! As the holidays begin to sparkle, it’s time to be cheered by the creative exploits of our students at all level during this Fall 2023 term.

To enjoy some strong art, design, and digital media work, feast your eyes on our December 2023 Student Gallery, updated each term with excellent art, design, digital media, and photography work, nominated by Sessions College faculty.

Below are the outstanding students whose work was selected. Congratulations to each of you. Keep up the great work!

Abigail Stratton, Graphic Designer Diploma (AOL-CC)
Alaina Norman, Marketing Design Professional Certificate
Alexander Fitzgerald, Associate Degree in Digital Media (2)
Alexandra Casheros, Associate Degree in Illustration
Amber OToole, Undergraduate Certificate in Graphic Design
Andrea Ramirez, Graphic Design Professional Certificate
Becky Allen, Undergraduate Certificate in Graphic Design
Bobbie Villarruel, Associate Degree in Graphic Design
Brooke Figueroa, Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration
Dena Irby, BFA in Graphic Design
Elizabeth Brown, BFA in Illustration
Emma Price, Associate Degree in Digital Photography
Evynne Mickley, Digital Arts Professional Certificate
Ilana Galluzzo, Undergraduate Certificate in Graphic Design
Isabelle Necea, Undergraduate Certificate in Illustration
Jaycee Heflin, Associate Degree in Illustration
Katie Pojorlie, AOS in Graphic Design
Konstantinos Marmaridis, Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design
Kristin Weidemann, Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design (2)
Lauren Steiner, AOS in Illustration
Maura Jean Kelch, Undergraduate Certificate in Graphic Design
Micky Jordan, BFA in Graphic Design
Olivia Barrilleaux, AOS in Illustration
Robert Castro, BFA in Graphic Design
Tamara Lance, Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration
Veronica Hunter, Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Photography
Victoria Torres, Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration

To learn more, visit the Student Gallery page. Once again, our thanks to all faculty members who nominated student work to the gallery, and to our Manager, Faculty and Curriculum Development Lauren Hernandez and Creative Director Patricio Sarzosa for curating and producing this gallery.

Please continue to celebrate excellence and creativity!!

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