Federal Consumer Information

Cost of Attendance

As a participant in Federal Student Aid programs, Sessions College is required to calculate the cost of attendance in degree level programs for each academic year, including tuition and fees, and provide any estimated costs for computer, software, supplies, and any indirect costs. Below is our Cost of Attendance for the 2023-24 year.

General Information

Sessions College offers an affordable and high-quality education. Visit Degree Program Admissions and Undergraduate Certificate Admissions pages for information on tuition and fees for full-time and part-time program students.

No textbooks are required at Sessions College; all required course content is delivered online. However, your costs for your programs may include the purchase of required design software, a computer system, art supplies, and more.

Definition of an Academic Year: In Sessions College credit-bearing programs, the academic year is defined as 24 credits and 30 weeks of instructional time. Cost of attendance is calculated per academic year.

Cost of Attendance

This chart displays the average cost of attendance per academic year for a full-time, first-time student in the Associate degree program.

Estimated Per Year Expenses 2023-2024

Not Living With ParentLiving With Parent
Registration Fee$200$200
Food and Housing$8,792$4,400
Misc/Personal $2,768$2,768
Total $24,000$19,608

Notes: Application Fee ($75) and Registration fee ($200) are payable prior to first semester start and any expenses for other supplies (computer, software, art supplies) would most likely be incurred in the first year.

Computer and Supplies Expenses

Depending on their computer, software, Internet connection, and supplies, students may also need to budget for the following expenses that are not included in the cost of attendance:

Computer system (PC or Mac) $1,249 First-year expense
Software (Adobe Creative Cloud subscription) $240 Annual expense with student discount
Internet Access$384 Annual expense
Art Supplies$80 First-year expense
Camera$150 First-year expense
Test proctoring fee (payable to ProctorU)$22.50 Per general education course or certificate review exam