Free Font Friday: Florista

by Taylor Slattery | November 22, 2019

Free Font Friday - Florista

Florista is a script font created by the typeface design duo Susi Type. It’s got a singular line weight, giving it the feel like it was written with a sharpie. Due to its consistent weight, it pairs nicely with vector graphics as the 2 share a similar clean feel. The contrast between a script font which is traditionally handmade, and this particular execution which feels more computer-based plays nicely in a number of modern contexts.

florista 3

It’s particularly well suited for artisanal goods and services looking to link a trade from the past with the modern market, like barbershops, coffee roasters, or alcohol packaging. It makes a great choice for logos, signage, or package design. Script fonts aren’t the quickest to read so its best used in moderation.

florista 2

Also contributing to its fresh appeal are its use of rounded end caps, which gives it a playful modern feel. It hints at the past without dating itself, making it a pretty versatile typeface. The set comes with swashes, alternates, and ligatures so the type can be customized to a great extent for your particular needs. Florista is free for personal use and you can find it here.

Taylor is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. Taylor is a graphic designer, illustrator, and Design Lead at Weirdsleep.

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