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Free Font Friday: Gladifilthefte

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| February 6, 2020

Free Font Friday - Gladifilthefte

Fortunately, it’s easier to imagine uses for Gladifilthefte than it is to pronounce its name. It’s a serif display typeface that was created by Tup Wanders. It’s also got optically uniform strokes similar to gothic calligraphy. Its slight, lean, and thin connecting serifs make it feel almost like a script typeface.

gladifilthefte 3

It’s got a very strong retro character, reminiscent of the types of fonts that were commonplace on cars, bikes, and even wagons from the 50s and 60s. The type of stuff that was once upon a time considered futuristic and often paired with a candy red paint job and sparkly chrome, stuff that your dad would describe as “slick.”

Gladifilthefte 2

Fortunately for us, retro just happens to be in right now, and not just with your dad. Gladifilthefte would be a great choice for a short wordmark, in hero images, or posters. It’s tight kerning and uniform strokes do tend to slow the eye down and make it somewhat difficult to read, though, so it’s best used in moderation. You can find Gladifilthefte here.


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