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Paint the World with Augmented Reality Apps

by Margaret Penney | September 28, 2017

Augmented reality painting and drawing apps make creativity fun and accessible for everyone. Anyone can paint their very own masterpiece on any surface and anywhere. For experienced artists, the apps provide a great way to explore new ideas and be expressive without worrying about wasting a can of paint. For new creatives, the apps are learning tools and support the development of their skill. For parents, they can now actually allow their children to draw on the walls.

World Brush

World Brush is an augmented reality app that allows users to create anonymous site-specific art all over the AR world. Users can find art within the app that is close by or discover inspiring work created in other locations. World Brush provides a creative and unique way to interact with others within an augmented environment. Users are encouraged to provide feedback on other’s work and up-vote top-notch pieces.

World Brush at iTunes

World Brush Website


SketchAR simulates an actual drawing environment and is a great tool for beginner artists interested in developing their skills. Users can draw on real-world sketchpads and also snap pictures with their phone and draw right on top of them, making cumbersome tracing a thing of the past.

SketchAR is also useful for pro artists who want a sketchpad on the go or for those who want a way to easily project their sketched artwork from their smartphone. Artists can use the projections as a guide for large scale real-world pieces, like murals.

SketchAR at iTunes

SketchAR Website

Vermeer’s Lens

Vermeer’s Lens AR drawing tool is a simulated drawing environment that allows users to fix the perspective on an image, making the drawing process easier. The creator of Vermeer’s Lens provides a robust YouTube channel with clear how-to videos to help the user optimize their experience using the app. A new video is added every Wednesday.

Vermeer’s Lens at iTunes

Holo Paint

Holo Paint is an AR app that has a variety of brush colors and textures, plus shapes and lines. Some of the options are really creative and fun, like the animated brush textures. The app has area learning and depth sensing so that painting within the AR environment seems quite real and one can move around a room and paint from one surface to another quite easily. The app is made by Moback an AR/VR company with other interesting visualization projects like ExxoVR and Perplexigon.

HoloPaint on GooglePlay

Moback’s Website


Margaret Penney is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. Margaret is a teacher, designer, writer and new media artist and founder of Hello Creative Co.


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