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WWW… Wednesday! Typedream

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| October 25, 2022

The recent rise of no-code tools has granted a broader range of people access to things like site creation and the development of web-based tools without having to pay the hefty price of years of time invested into learning how to code. Whether you’re creating a site for self-expression or setting up an online business, establishing and maintaining an online presence has never been easier. Typedream is a no-code site builder that builds upon the successes of Notion, allowing users to easily create fully-functional web pages complete with databases and analytics.

Typedream’s interface will feel incredibly familiar to any Notion user, and in fact, the two can be connected. Typedream’s clever Notion integration allows users to leverage Notion’s easy-to-manage tables, effectively functioning as a database for your Typedream site. Connecting the two allows users to utilize a super simple and flexible CMS that can be updated from anywhere. Whether you’re drafting blog posts on your phone while riding the train during your commute or using your desktop in the comfort of your home, this integration provides the same experience from anywhere you can access the Notion app.

Like other website builders, Typedream also offers a collection of templates geared toward a wide variety of use cases like ecommerce shops, portfolios, and landing pages. For first-time site builder users or those looking to get up and running as quickly as possible, the Typedream library provides a great jumping-off point for a professional-looking site that can be customized to suit your needs.

With most visitors choosing to leave a site based on the initial seconds of interaction, motion has become an increasingly important tool for capturing the ever-shrinking attention span of the average visitor. Animation is an area many of the more simple, approachability-focused site builder tools seem to be lacking in. However, Typedream makes the process of adding eye-catching movement and interactions to your page a breeze. Animated type and interactions on scroll and hover bring your site to life and keep visitors engaged as they navigate.

Pages can also be locked which is another valuable tool often missing from similar products. This feature is great not only for managing content on the backend before publishing, but can also be used to create a paywall for housing content that can only be accessed by paid members. Like the rest of its features, Typedream’s analytics simplify this complex subject matter into a handful of easy-to-grasp metrics to help users track unique visitors, page views, and traffic sources.

If you can find your way around Notion, you’ll feel right at home with Typedream. It’s free to try and you can learn more and sign up here.


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