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Graphic Design Capstone Project

Graphic Design Capstone Project

The Graphic Design capstone project provides a simulation of an extended client design project. Students will take a project from concept to final presentation. Students work closely with the department head, interpreting a project brief, developing design elements, and designing a logo, brochure, and package design. The project is executed in three stages with feedback and discussion at each stage. Students are expected to discuss, present, and critique their work with a high level of professionalism, and implement research strategies that contribute to the overall finished project.

Graphic Design Capstone 

Final project work by Michelle Panta

A portfolio project for Graphic Design majors

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Course Outline

1 - Choosing a Client

You will present your research and concept for initial feedback.

2 - Researching and Conceptualizing

Prepare images, colors, and typography based on the concept and submit them for additional feedback.

3 - Preparing the Design

Present your final deliverables: a polished logo, brochure, and package design.

Course Outcomes

Students in this course can expect to learn to:

  • Research a design concept for a new product.
  • Present relevant research sources along with a written analysis and explanation of how they contributed to your concept.
  • Present the development of a design concept using sketches, tearsheets, mood boards, and any other methods of your choice to present design concepts.
  • Prepare a distinctive color palette based on the principles of color harmony.
  • Research and present appropriate typefaces and design typography to support the branding or communication goal of the client and project.
  • Create an effective identity design for brochure and package design as well as other applications such as business cards, billboards, and Web sites.
  • Create a four-page brochure and six-sided fold-up carton design for a package/product.
  • Deliver a written presentation of an entire project that demonstrates critical thinking ability, professional project presentation skills, and the ability to develop/explain your creative process.
  • Create a complete project that exhibits professional competence in print design genres including logo/branding design, brochure layout, and packaging.

Course Registration

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Software and Supplies

To take this course you'll need:

  • Computer with Internet connection.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign or equivalent programs.
  • Experience in the above software.

Who’s Teaching

Course developed by Joss Parsey

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