ILL 404: Senior Project

Produce a body of work with a unified and well-researched concept and theme.

Follow your creative passion by conceiving, producing, and promoting an innovative collection of images in alignment with your artistic and professional goals. This is your opportunity to focus on creating a unique cohesive series of images informed by research as well as instructor and peer feedback. During this course you will advance your ability to produce, promote, and present your unique artistic work. At the conclusion of the course, you will exhibit your creative work through a website, social media, self-published book, exhibition, or other physical or virtual venue, as well as share it with your instructor and your peers.

Illustration | 3 credits | Next Start:
August 26, 2024

About This Course

Project-Based Learning

Students will focus on creating a cohesive collection of 10-15 pieces of artwork—illustrations, paintings, and/or creative image, or whatever media they plan to employ. Depending on their artistic and professional goals, the project could be created in any one of editorial illustration, storybook illustration, comic book art, portraiture, fine arts. It could be artistic or commercial in orientation. The important thing is that to deliver a cohesive body of work. The project will allow students the opportunity to conceptualize and create a set of illustrations with a unifying message or theme.

What Skills Will I Develop?

Students in this course can expect to learn to:

  • Explore and research multiple approaches to developing and conceptualizing series of illustrations and creative work included in publications, exhibits, and other visual storytelling pieces with consideration of historical concepts, artistic styles, aesthetics, and industry trends.
  • Examine, gather, analyze, synthesize, and professionally present research and concepts in alignment with the course content, assignment criteria, and presentation guidelines.
  • Actively participate in class discussions/meetings, constructively assess the work of your peers, and enhance your creative work based upon feedback.
  • Demonstrate effective and efficient use of traditional media and classic techniques, demonstrating a command of proportion, perspective, value contrast, and the human figure. If appropriate, effectively combine media and image-making techniques in order to produce professional pieces of creative work.
  • Where applicable, create images and graphics by effectively and efficiently using creative software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, as well as other industry and web-based technologies.
  • Produce and present your portfolio ready creative work digitally and develop a strategy to present the work in a “real world” setting such as an exhibition or publication.
  • Effectively generate, clearly convey, and support ideas by employing critical thinking, communication, and writing skills while considering divergent perspectives, cultural framing, historical context, research, and ethical concerns when developing an artist statement as a component of your creative work.
What Software and Supplies Do I Need?

  • Computer with Internet connection.
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC (InDesign optional).
  • Drawing and art supplies may be required depending on your choice of project.

Course Instructor(s)

The course is taught by the following instructor(s):

Course Outline

    1. Aesthetics, Meaning, and Ethics

      What are the goals of your project, and how will understanding aesthetics, meaning, and ethics in art-making influence your approach to the project?

    2. Role Models, Mentors, and Muses

      We will consider how to use the inspiration of artistic role models from history and contemporary times to move your project forward.

    3. Developing a Theme

      What will your story be about? We will discuss how to develop a theme for your project, working from existing sources or in response to the need for social change, and consider the choice of media and artistic style.

    4. What is Creativity?

      We will consider and apply theories of creativity and the creative process in order to create a meaningful series of work.

    5. Print, Promote, and Present

      To assist you in getting your project published, exhibited, or promoted online, we will discuss some options for reaching your desired audience for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do The Courses Work?

Our courses are project-based and instructor-led. In each course you’ll complete a series of lectures, projects, discussions, and critiques designed to stretch your creative skills. Weekly assignment deadlines keep you on track, and with no set-logins or Zoom meetings, you can build your studies around your schedule.

Who Are The Instructors?

Our courses are developed and taught by our industry-leading faculty of creative professionals. This means that you’ll learn in-demand skills, get feedback on your work, and build a portfolio of creative work. View our Student Gallery for featured student projects.

When Can I Start?

Classes start January, April, and August, and this course is completed in a 15-week term. This course is not available for individual enrollment; it can only be taken as part of a program.

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How Do I Register?

This course is not available for individual enrollment; it can only be taken as part of a program. To register for a program, complete our program application.

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