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(Tempe AZ - March 14, 2016)

The issue of rising college costs is sometimes lost in the din of this year's election contentious presidential nomination contest, but it should be near the top of the agenda. According to some analysts, the real cost of college has increased at a greater rate than the cost of healthcare, housing, and energy over the last 20 years.

One solution to the problem is to choose schools that are making education more affordable. In 2015-16, Sessions College ( was ranked by the U.S. Department of Education as among the most affordable colleges in its category.

In the 2015-16 report by the Federal College Affordability and Transparency Center, Sessions College was once again listed as among the top schools for affordable tuition in the United States based on 2013-2014 data. Only five institutions in our category in the continental U.S. had a lower tuition per year.

In addition, tuition at Sessions College has not increased while tuition rose between 5 and 10% at colleges nationally, including at public sector colleges in just the years 2013-2014.

An important effect of the school's affordable tuition is to minimize the debt for its graduating students. In 2014-15, for the school's top Associate in Graphic Design program, the median loan debt for a graduating student was $3,180--at a time when the average loan debt for graduating students in the U.S. is over $28,000.

"Online schools are playing an important role in making college more affordable," according Sessions College President Gordon Drummond. "We're really proud to be recognized on this Department of Education list for the second year in a row."

"It comes as no surprise that Sessions College ranks so well among its peers," said Dr. Leah Matthews, Executive Director of Distance Education Accrediting Commission. "The institution pioneers innovations that support students in achieving their education goals and it exemplifies excellence in teaching and learning."

Sessions College Admissions Director Mhelanie Hernandez points out that it's not just low tuition that makes the school's programs affordable. "Students can access and download all our proprietary course materials online, saving on textbook costs, and scholarships and financial aid are available for eligible students."

Learn more about the College Affordability and Transparency Center here. Visit for more information on Sessions College degree and undergraduate certificate programs.

About Sessions College

Sessions College offers accredited visual arts online degree and certificate programs as well as individual courses. Its mission is to prepare art and design professionals for successful careers by providing the highest quality of online design education. Students gain a thorough training in the technical, creative, and critical-thinking skills that are required for a fast-changing industry.

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Director of Admissions & Marketing
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