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Sessions College Revamps its SIS with Campus Cloud Services

Tempe AZ - October 26, 2017

In August 2017, innovative online school of visual arts Sessions College for Professional Design ( completed a revamp of its student information system, migrating it to a new platform from Campus Cloud Services.

Having an intelligent, powerful student information system (SIS) is essential for any fully online college. When an institution handles all its admissions, registration, student records, and advisement functions on the Web, the SIS must be intuitive, user friendly, and responsive to the needs of students and staff.

After many years supporting a custom system, Sessions College turned to Campus Cloud Services for a better solution. Though Campus Cloud Services began development of its SIS system in 2013, the principals of the company have over 60 years of experience in developing and implementing software in higher education.

The Campus Cloud Services Student Information System (SIS) is the first cloud-based, real-time SIS utilizing the newest, securest technologies. Utilizing cloud computing enables the platform to share resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale over a network.

For Sessions College, the new platform offers the opportunity to improve core systems and provide enhanced customer service. According to Sessions President Gordon Drummond, "We wanted an SIS that was faster, smarter, and more reliable, so that we could spend more time providing value to students."

The cloud-based model used by Campus Cloud Services allows colleges and schools to lower the infrastructure costs associated with supporting an internally developed system. "In any growing institution, it's important to not only save costs but also free up resources," comments Drummond. "Campus Cloud had a strong core product that was affordable and a software team that were willing to work with us to support our needs."

"Sessions College of Professional Design and their unique online delivery of course content and high quality of courses, programs and degrees presented Campus Cloud Services with an exceptional opportunity to showcase the strengths of our system," said Daniel Knoble, Managing Partner, Campus Cloud Services. "We are very proud to include Sessions College for Professional Design in our growing list of satisfied clients."

About Sessions College

Sessions College is an online school of visual arts offering degree and certificate programs in Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration, Photography, and more. To find out more, visit Admissions.

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