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Sessions College Sponsors St. Helens Arts and Cultural Commission Local Artist Event

Tempe, Arizona — August 7, 2017

As part of Sessions College for Professional Design endorsement of fostering art in local communities, Sessions College sponsored the 7th Annual St. Helens Arts and Cultural Commission Trash Can Painting Competition. Kimberly O’Hanlon, Senior Director of Admissions and Marketing at Sessions College, is an active Board member of the Commission and participated in the event planning.

The City of St. Helens hosts the Trash Can Painting Competition annually to encourage local artists to show off their talents, bring the community closer together, and beautify the city. The event was held at the Waterfront Park, overlooking the Columbia River.

Citizens of all ages sketched out ideas and concepts and submitted applications to paint trash cans, and arrived the park in good spirits. They spent the day painting their trash cans with alluring designs and positive messages. The completed trash cans are coated with anti-graffiti paint, and placed around the city.

“I appreciate the hard work that goes into coordinating an event like this. It was incredible to see a group of people spend the day unplugged, creating art,” says Jenn Farrington, St. Helens Arts and Cultural Commissioner.

The St. Helens Arts & Cultural Commission encourages opportunities for recognition of art and culture in the community. Click here to view a video of their latest project in bridging art and nature, the Salmon Tree Cycle.

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