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Employment Verification at Sessions College

Collegiate Admission and Retention Solutions (CARS)

Effective July 2021, Sessions College has partnered with Collegiate Admission and Retention Solutions (CARS) for graduate employment verification services.

For annual accreditation reporting and institutional research, Sessions College is required to gather data on the employment rate of its various programs at different levels. Sessions College is committed to the ongoing success of our graduates, and the information about post-graduate employment and placement helps us to continuously improve our offerings.

About CARS

CARS is a recognized employment verification company which works with accredited schools and colleges through the United States. Sessions College provides lists of graduating students to CARS at the end of each term, and CARS contacts graduates by email or phone to determine whether they have obtained employment.

In U.S. Higher Education to, third-party employment verification is recognized as the most impartial and effective way for colleges to gather employment outcomes data.

Here are some important pointers on working with CARS:

  • CARS will never ask you for your Social Security Number or date of birth, or inquire about the amount of money that you earn.
  • Please respond to emails you received from CARS (which will come from and take any calls that you received from the designated Sessions College number (480-426-8008).
  • CARS will also leave you a toll-free number for return calls (833-473-1496).

If you would like more information about, please contact advisor@sessions.du or contact CARS directly at