Outstanding Graduate Awards 2022

Adrienne Schaumann

Mahomet, IL
AOS in Illustration

Adrienne is a multi-faceted illustrator who travels and speaks several languages. “I love to forage and learn about edible plants in my climate,” says Adrienne. “I recently made a hedgerow jam and I’ll be looking for hazelnuts soon! I also speak several languages and I’m currently in France, improving my French and Moroccan darija.”

According to Adrienne …

Areas of strength: Pattern design is my favorite; making seamless repeats is so satisfying, and I love seeing my work on fabric and stationery.

Benefits of studying online:  Studying online is convenient in a lot of ways, like not having to buy physical textbooks and being able to Ctrl + F search lectures when studying. It also seems more accessible for people who may have chronic illnesses and some disabilities, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Best thing about Sessions College: The flexibility is great! I was able to adjust my credit load when working full time, and the end-of-week deadlines enable students to work at their own pace.

Who made a difference? Mike Hamm made Adobe Illustrator much less daunting and more fun. His feedback was prompt and useful, and always kind.

Creative and/or  professional goals after graduation: Right now I am doing a lot of sticker design freelance work, and I’m searching for full-time employment in pattern design or illustration for paper goods!

Portfolio link:

Adrienne’s illustrations are executed at a professional level. The techniques and color combinations are striking.

Illustration faculty - Fiorella Shalat

Fiorella Shalat, Illustration Faculty

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