Outstanding Graduate Awards 2018

Alicia Hernandez

Yakima, Washington
AOS in Illustration, AOS in Web Design

Art has always been my passion, mainly drawing and painting, and photography. I also love anything to do with the ocean, and I am currently building a Saltwater aquarium; although, I find myself thinking how fun it will be to sketch the fish and do watercolor and ink drawings of them. Anything I do I always have a thought on how to translate it into art.

Portfolio Samples

Skills/Interests: Portraits, branding, and drawing. I am also really good at research and coming up with ideas.

My Sessions Experience

I have a twelve-year-old child named Victor, he has non-verbal autism. Having a child with autism, means; having to drop everything, plans, schedules, at a moment’s notice, in a regular school, I would have been dropped after a month. Sessions made it possible for me, to not only get two Degrees, but to thrive. It has been wonderful experience.


“Alicia Hernandez was a great asset to class. She is a true multi-disciplinary artist/designer, incorporating a range of materials and techniques when resolving project challenges. Her creative approach to problem solving will serve her well as she begins her freelance career.” ¬†– Jordon Schranz, Head of Illustration

My Next Steps

Being able to make your own schedule was the best thing for me. I looked at other schools, but they all seemed outdated, but Sessions is great at keeping up to date, and a lot of the teachers will tell you about something new that has just come out, it is just amazingly wonderful. They also just keep getting better at making it a great social experience with other classmates.

I am going to be freelance working from home. Right now, I am remodeling my office/studio, I have a lot of goals, but for now, currently I am working on a set of social stories for special need children, and portraits in watercolor. Sessions opened a big door to a world filled with possibilities for me, and I find it exciting.