Outstanding Graduate Awards 2021

Charlotte Sidwell, Illustration

River Heights, Utah
Associate Degree in Illustration

Charlotte is an artist and illustrator. Outside of school and making art, Charlotte says she “enjoys doing live theater, hanging out with her cat, and playing Dungeons and Dragons on the D&D liveplay podcast, Faerie Fire!” She also counts herself lucky to have so many nerdy friends.


According to Charlotte…

Areas of strength: Illustration and comics are my main two strengths.

Benefits of studying online: Studying online was great for my situation; being able to do school online allowed me hold down a job and have freedom I wouldn’t otherwise. I’d definitely recommend it to busy people!

Best thing about Sessions College: I loved how responsive my professors were. Their criticism was always constructive and made me a better artist.

Favorite class? I greatly enjoyed all of my design classes, but especially Cartooning and Sequential Art!

Creative and/or  professional goals after graduation: I would love to do a webcomic and someday get a graphic novel published!

Portfolio link:

Charlotte Sidwell’s illustrations are incredibly expressive. She is a strong visual storyteller and puts in the necessary research, preparation, and execution to make a work a success.”

illustration faculty - Jordon Schranz

Jordon Schranz, Head of Illustration

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