Outstanding Graduate Awards 2022

Dhani Mouttet

San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago
Graphic Design Advanced Certificate

Dhani Mouttet Jost is an international student who discovered her talent for graphic design in high school. Says Dhani: “I joined the yearbook committee and that’s when I first began using Photoshop to create. I loved it immediately. I went on to do smaller projects for friends and family and I knew then that graphic design was my passion.” Outside of school, she has diverse interests: “I love reading, particularly mystery novels, and I enjoy traveling and experiencing new places. My pastimes include hip hop dance classes, and going to the beach.”

According to Dhani…

Areas of strength: My strengths definitely lie in packaging. I love seeing a product’s packaging come to life. Throughout my program, we worked on several packaging projects and I definitely feel like these projects, along with instructor feedback, has taught me what makes packaging stand out against the competition.

Benefits of studying online: I chose online primarily because of my location (Trinidad and Tobago). I knew that I had access to amazing programs online and I was really happy to find Sessions College, which provided me with the flexibility to work in my own time frame as well the ability to do my program throughout a pandemic For me, flexibility and self paced learning are at the top of the list of benefits of studying online. It was so helpful to be able to study online all while handling the usual hustle and bustle of life.

Best thing about Sessions College: For me, the best thing about Sessions College is definitely the instructors. They are very helpful and don’t simply grade your work, but also give excellent feedback.

Who made a difference? I had several classes with both Boris Margolin and Bruce Bicknell, and I really enjoyed being a part of their classes. Their feedback really pushed me to produce my best work and I believe it really helped me to learn to critique my own work as a designer. I’m very grateful to them both for the invaluable lessons learned.

Creative and/or  professional goals after graduation: My goal is to be able to work for myself as a designer and to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

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Dhani’s attention to details is what stood out most to me about her work. On her packaging design project she went a few extra miles, including practical research she did, the planning out and execution of her design.

graphic design faculty - Boris Margolin,

Boris Margolin, Graphic Design Faculty

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