Outstanding Graduate Awards 2018

Meka Angoe

Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Professional Certificate in Web Design

When I’m not busy designing and coding or learning something new in the design and development field, I enjoy reading and also writing sci-fi/fantasy. I love a good movie, trying new foods, and generally just spending time with friends and family.

Portfolio Samples

Skills/Interests: Web design, Web development, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Responsive Design, Graphic Design, Writing, Psychology, Research, and Programming.

My Sessions Experience

What I really loved about Sessions was that on top of a program that covered current and relevant technologies, the curriculum had a strong emphasis on project-based learning. A lot of other school’s design programs did not seem to offer the ability to do as much hands-on designing and coding; and in my opinion, learning-by-doing in web development is paramount. It was a big factor in me choosing Sessions.


I loved Meka. She was great at figuring things out on her own. She was the first student to complete our new Bootstrap 4 classes, and she flew through it. She created a unique design concept for each project. Her work is excellent on all levels. – Piper Nilsson, Head of Web Design

My Next Steps

Since graduating I have been working freelance but I’d like to pursue a position with a digital or marketing agency as a Designer and Front-End Web Developer. I enjoy working individually as well as in a team oriented environment and I believe working with an agency would allow me to continue to learn and add to my skill-set on my journey of becoming the best web developer that I can be.

I’d like to start my own design agency at some point in the future as well. I am genuinely passionate about coding and want to build interfaces that are user-friendly so I would also like to delve deeper into User Experience Design professionally as well.