Outstanding Graduate Awards 2016

Scott Warren

Southern Maryland
Associate Degree in Web Design
Undergraduate Certificate in Graphic Design

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my design work and take it to the next level. Generally, I prefer modern, clean, and simple designs. But can find inspiration in more classical styles as well. I’m interested in many different design styles.

Portfolio Samples

Skills/Interests: Graphic/Web Design, branding, layout design, Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop in particular.

My Sessions Experience

I feel that my time at Sessions has helped me to become a well rounded designer in a very short period of time. The courses were all career focused and put all the attention to the goal at hand: becoming a designer.

I worked full time during the majority of my program. Being able to study during my down time worked out perfectly. This allowed me to balance work and study seamlessly and not choose one over the other.

I’m humbled to accept this Outstanding Graduate award and know that I would not be the designer I am today without Sessions.



“Scott uses his excellent sense of composition, light, and color to create compelling web design layouts, as well as print work. His work is confident, and sure, and his talent comes through in his powerful choices for image, color saturation, and balance.”Andrew Shalat, Head of Graphic Design

My Next Steps

In the long term I would like to work for a large corporation and be a part of a team of designers who work hand in hand to brand that company. Everything from print materials to its web presence and beyond. Being able to collaborate and focus on the brand, and how to best represent it would be great.

An in house design role would allow me to focus my skill set on the areas that I am best suited for, and work with other designers and developers with different skill sets. Ultimately, visual design is where my main focus lies.