Outstanding Graduate Awards 2021

Sruti Rajagopalan, Digital Arts

Bothell, WA
Professional Certificate in Digital Arts

Sruti is an illustrator who is always looking to learn new skills and develop her craft. “I am very passionate about art, I have an Etsy shop called Weirdvanity that I spend a lot of time on. I always try to create new art or find new ways my customers can order custom artwork through my little shop. When I’m not drawing or painting, I do spend a lot of time reading, and before the pandemic, I loved to travel.”  

According to Sruti…

Areas of strength: My area of strength is most definitely is illustration. I was most excited about my illustrator course at Sessions, I think about exploring new styles, new color palettes, and brushes. There are so many combinations of each tool that can lead to some really unique artistic styles.

Benefits of studying online:  The courses are all well designed and you can tell a lot of thought and effort went into creating them. The instructors are providing high quality professional art education to people like me online.

Best thing about Sessions College: The best thing about Sessions College is how seriously the instructors and staff take our education. They are knowledgeable and amazing professionals in their field. I really appreciate the work they did and feedback I received from them.

Who made a difference?  My favorite classes were Illustrator and Animate. I went into these courses with absolutely no knowledge of how they work and towards the end I learned so much. The instructors were very hands on and available to answer questions and provide helpful feedback.

Creative and/or  professional goals after graduation: I will continue working as an illustrator and artist.

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Sruti has an eye for color and movement and couples that with talents in script writing and the ability to navigate robust software.

digital media faculty - Natalie La Scala

Natalie La Scala, Head of Digital Media

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