Student Code of Conduct

In the pursuit of their educational goals, Sessions College students have certain responsibilities toward their fellow students, to their school, and to themselves. To fulfill these responsibilities, students are expected to adhere to the following items in the DEAC Student Code of Conduct.

I will:

  • Conduct myself with professionalism, courtesy and respect for others in all of my dealings with the institution staff, faculty, and other students.
  • Present my qualifications and background truthfully and accurately for admission to the institution.
  • Observe the institutional policies and rules on submitting work, taking examinations, participating in online discussions and conducting research.
  • Never turn in work that is not my own, or present another person’s ideas or scholarship as my own.
  • Never ask for, receive, or give unauthorized help on graded assignments, quizzes, and examinations.
  • Never misrepresent or overstate my role producing a part or whole of a submitted assignment or other artwork.
  • Never divulge the content of or answers to quizzes or examinations to fellow students.
  • Never improperly use, destroy, forge, or alter my institution’s documents, transcripts, or other records.
  • Never divulge my student login information or password.
  • Always observe the recommended study schedule for my program of studies.
  • Always report any violations of this Code of Conduct to the appropriate institution official, and report any evidence of cheating, plagiarism or improper conduct on the part of any student of the institution when I have direct knowledge of these activities.