Degree Program Admissions

Bridge Program

Looking to turn your Sessions College career certificate credential into a degree? The Sessions College Academic bridge program enables graduates of Sessions College career programs (Professional Certificate) to apply up to 24 credits towards a Bachelor’s Degree or Associate Degree program, and up to 12 credits towards an Undergraduate Certificate program.

Students who have any credits earned from other colleges may apply to transfer these too, up to a maximum credit transfer of 50% of program credits. See Credit Transfer Policy.

Who Is Eligible?

In order to be eligible for the bridge program, you need to have graduated a Sessions College Career Certificate program. You need to have enrolled after January 1, 2014. Your grades and portfolio of work must be outstanding and meet the standards expected of degree level students. Applications will be evaluated on an individual basis.

What are the Program Benefits?

You can apply up to 24 credits from your Career Certificate to a Bachelor’s Degree or Associate Degree, or up to 12 credits to an Undergraduate Certificate. Students with prior credits from other college studies (such as General Education courses) may only be 3-4 semesters from completing a degree program. With its rigorous scheduled courses, with projects, discussions,  critiques, portfolio reviews, and more, our degree programs can help you complete your education.

How Do I Apply?

Being a bridge program applicant has many benefits:

  • Put together your 5-10 work samples from prior Sessions College work.
  • A strong academic track record will be an asset to your application.
  • You may also be able to apply college credits from another institution to maximize your credit transfer.

Did you know? Sessions College offers a Bridge Program scholarship.

What Are My Next Steps?


Complete our convenient program application form online.


Submit your 500-word application essay. Tell us why you are interested in your chosen major. Assemble your 5-10 work samples, including your prior Sessions College work.


Provide transcripts from your high school and any colleges attended.