Introducing the New Academic Excellence Program

by Sessions Staff | April 23, 2019
Students at Sessions College had a new reason to be excited about the end of term this week: our new Academic Excellence Program.

Academic excellence, as you might expect, is not a new thing at Sessions College. For many years, we have been fortunate to work with some truly extraordinary students, and we have run programs to highlight student achievement, including our Student Gallery and our Outstanding Graduate program.

This semester, however, the Sessions College Team got together to develop a new Academic Excellence program focused on recognizing students who achieve high academic marks in Associate Degree and Undergraduate Certificate programs. The program has three levels of recognition: Honor Roll, Honor Roll with Distinction, and a President’s List. Students who earn these honors will receive an official letter of recognition, and a resume honor that reflects their consistent hard work and talent.

Visit the Academic Excellence page to see who’s on the Winter 2019 honor list.


Aleena Otsuka, AOS in Illustration
Anna Spankie, UC in Graphic Design
Christin Rogers, AOS in Graphic Design
Dominick Andreacchio, AOS in Digital Media
Dominique Dunn, UC in Graphic Design
Elizabeth Addie, AOS in Digital Photography
Hannah Wessel, AOS in Graphic Design
Jaclyn Borchardt, AOS in Graphic Design
Katherine Orizal, AOS in Illustration
Kayla Langley, AOS in Graphic Design
Kerstin Briar, AOS in Graphic Design
Kim Miller, AOS in Graphic Design
Kristin McKellar, AOS in Graphic Design
Michelle Buck, AOS in Advertising Design
Nicole Porata, AOS in Web Design
Rachel Herring, AOS in Graphic Design


Bethany Hemesath, AOS in Graphic Design
Bethany Robbins, AOS in Graphic Design
Jessica Braun, AOS in Illustration
Leah Yourstone, AOS in Graphic Design
Lynne Adams, AOS in Illustration
Savannah Dimovski, UC in Advertising Design


Katherine Orizal, AOS in Illustration
Kim Miller, AOS in Graphic Design
Lynne Adams, AOS in Illustration
Nicole Porata, AOS in Web Design
Rachel Herring, AOS in Graphic Design

Dr. Epstein, Associate Director of Education, shared her enthusiasm for this initiative: “High achieving students are usually self-motivated but I am pretty sure, they might appreciate some public recognition. It is important to celebrate students who lead by example, add to the culture of learning, and consistently demonstrate their dedication to advancing their creative work. Thank you for going the ‘extra mile’!!!”

To all students celebrated in the first Academic Excellence list, congratulations, and keep up the great work!

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