2023-24 Outstanding Graduate Awards

Fall is an exciting time for Sessions College – we welcome new students, inspire current students, and celebrate recent graduates. During the Fall semester, we present the Outstanding Graduate Awards recognizing graduates who exceed expectations by consistently improving their work, accepting feedback, and leading by example for their peers. We wish the awardees and all our graduates great success as they launch or advance their creative careers!!!

To honor the highest student achievement, Sessions College staff and faculty nominate Outstanding Graduates each year. Here are our 2023-24 Outstanding Graduate Award recipients:

Awards Process

Each Outstanding Graduate in this class graduated in the 2022-2023 school year. Award recipients were selected by Faculty and staff. Factors include strong body of creative work, excellent academic record, and overall contributions to Sessions College.

Samantha Nelson,
BFA in Graphic Design

“Living overseas made studying online essential for me to obtain my degree. The flexibility of the online courses and the professors instructing them really provided an integral opportunity, especially when working around a sixteen hour time change.” READ MORE

Maria Jose Nunez Bonequi,
Associate of Occupational Studies in Illustration

“You don’t have to worry about attending live meetings or waking up on a certain time of the day to connect to a meeting. You also don’t have to worry about tedious exams; instead, all courses are project-based, which I think is the best method to actually learn new skills.” READ MORE

Alexandra Adukeh,
Professional Certificate in Graphic Design

“Studying online is perfect for adults who do not have the time to make it to classes on a campus and who work well on a self-paced, but disciplined, timeline.” READ MORE

Nicholas Fairman,
Associate of Occupational Studies in Digital Media

“I can say with confidence that I am capable of giving clients not only video content and editing but logo creation and design work as well. I feel the program really covers all the bases.” READ MORE

Haley Stoufer,
Associate of Occupational Studies in Digital Photography

“One benefit is the positive feedback you get from other students and friends you can make. My favorite teacher was definitely Felicia who gave great feedback on my photos!” READ MORE

Justin Moss,
Professional Certificate in Web Design

“I’m already fulfilling my creative and professional goals. I’ve been able to land some freelance work, as well as a gig as a web designer for the University of Utah. As I continue to gain experience, it will lead to bigger and better jobs.” READ MORE

Brandi Kambalov,
Associate of Occupational Studies in Illustration

“I plan to start my own business and continue freelancing, as well as publish a co-op project I’ve been working on for a few years on with a business partner.”READ MORE

Megan Lewis-Reed,
Professional Certificate in Marketing Design

“The skills and computer programs I learned benefit me in my current job as a newspaper page designer and also offer me the possibility of branching out into marketing design and/or graphic design positions in the future.” READ MORE

Douglas Gorham,
Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Photography

“I loved the fact that I didn’t have to leave my home (except for shooting photographs) and could set up my own schedule to accomplish each week’s assignments.” READ MORE

William Esque,
Undergraduate Certificate in Graphic Design

“Since graduating, I have designed some book covers and opened an e-store on my website where I sell my art on prints, mugs, and so on. I have also been working on building my portfolio to send to publishing houses.” READ MORE

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