Degree Program Graduates August 2019

by Michael MacNeill | August 12, 2019
Kudos to our August 2019 Degree Program graduates who completed their programs last week, meeting all their program objectives and requirements to graduate. On behalf of Sessions College, we congratulate you all and wish you every success in your creative career endeavors!

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“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – ARTHUR ASHE

Associate Degree in Graphic Design

  • Cynthia Leigh Andreacchio
  • Michelle Bieniek
  • Kim Miller
  • Luke Hostetler

Associate Degree in Web Design

  • Nicole Porata

Associate Degree in Digital Media

  • Logan Barlow
  • Jerry Douglas
  • Jason Kennedy

Associate Degree in Illustration

  • Tammy Troyer

Associate Degree in Digital Photography

  • Sharon Capps

Undergraduate Certificate in Graphic Design

  • Dominique Dunn
  • Meagan Riecken
  • Anna Spankie
  • Maddie Vansoest
  • Alejandra Villagra
  • Mikala Zylinski

Undergraduate Certificate in Advertising Design

  • Savannah Dimovski
  • Kate Reinarz

Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Photography

  • Jason Casey
  • Janelle Dohve

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Michael MacNeill is a Student Advisor at Sessions College. In his prior career he has worked as a photography editor and retoucher, and a freelance graphic designer. He loves learning and experimenting with new crafts.