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Gordon Drummond

Gordon Drummond is the President and Director of Instructional Design at Sessions College. He's passionate about education and the arts and likes to surround himself with more talented people.

Farewell, Ken Milburn

We wish a fond farewell to veteran Sessions College instructor Ken Milburn. After a long battle with a severe medical condition, Ken died on Wednesday in a hospital in his adopted Panama City.

Ken Miburn panoramic shot
Making Learning HTML and CSS a Whole Lot Easier (and Fun)

Hannah Shaffer set out to update the Sessions College HTML/CSS Course to meet the latest Web standards.

Hannah Shaffer
Teaching Cartoonists to Draw, Draw, and Draw Some More

Sessions instructor Bill Drastal is a super talented animator, illustrator, and cartoonist whose career has combined a love of cartoon art with games.

Bill Drastal headshot
Photography Pro Shares Her Lessons Learned on the Job

Sessions instructor and Oakland, CA resident Felicia Kieselhorst is thriving as a wedding and product photographer in a hot market.

Creative photoshoot
InDesign, Electronic Publishing, and the Creative Cloud with Jose Ramos

Print design’s not dead; smart designers are simply adapting their layout design skills to the new opportunities presented by electronic publishing. New Sessions College faculty member José Ramos rides this wave with his excellent new Adobe InDesign Basics course released for Creative Cloud users.

Jose Ramos, InDesign instructor
Summerized and Julie Nolan: A Tale of Two Web Sites

Margaret Penney talks about her experience designing two high end E-commerce sites using Wordpress.

Margaret Penney
Instructor Interview: New Approaches to Teaching Photoshop

Graphic Design Department Head Andy Shalat discusses his new online Photoshop course at Sessions College.

Photoshop course image
Kristen Becker’s Ecommerce Diaries

Sessions instructor Kristen Becker on her years doing a dream job at the intersection of design, business, and the Web – director of a leading ecommerce site.

Kristen Becker
Painting Watercolor: Annika’s Obsession

We visited Annika’s NYC studio to find out the source of all her artistic intensity. 

Annika Connor
Learning Revit: Fiorella in Space (3D)

Fine Arts instructor Fiorella Shalat talks about learning 3D design program Autodesk Revit, and her interior design project for a restaurant.

autodesk fiorella