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Free Font Friday: Rumble Brave

by Taylor Slattery | September 27, 2019

Free Font Friday - Rumble Brave

Rumble Brave is a brush script display font created by Alit Design. It has a classic vintage air to it, reminiscent of the types of signage that used to inhabit the windows of soda shops and diners once upon a time. Though it’s very strong in character, if you were to take away the excessive swashes, Rumble Brave can adapt to a number of different applications – as long as they’re meant to feel like they’re from the previous century.

Rumble Brave would be a great choice for a bare-knuckle boxing poster, or signage above the bearded lady’s tent at your local circus. In all seriousness, Rumble Brave is not a typographical Swiss army knife like its distant, modern, Swiss (see the connection?) sans serif cousins.


Depending on your clientele, or year you live in, it’s one of those fonts that may be seldom used, waiting for its time in the spotlight, but when that day comes, boy, does it shine. You can find Rumble Brave here.


Taylor is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. Taylor is a graphic designer, illustrator, and Design Lead at Weirdsleep.


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