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WWW… Wednesday! ClickUp

by Taylor Slattery | July 12, 2022

Over the course of our day, our work can take us in many different directions. We might begin by checking email or Slack to see what happened while we were away and get any necessary updates from the team. Once we’re up to speed, our next move might be to a tool like Jira or Trello, where we can see what sorts of tasks are on the agenda for the day and check the overall progress of any projects we are involved with. From there, we may jump into any number of tools like a CRM, CRS, or Google Suite to get started on our tasks.

The problem with this model is that it leaves us without a single source of truth. Any work completed in one of the various tools we use throughout the day requires that we manually update the remaining tools with our progress. While other apps rely on integrations to add functionality and synchronization, ClickUp makes these additional steps obsolete.

ClickUp brings the functionality of task management, doc creation, and chat into a single centralized location. ClickUp’s project management tool features the same degree of flexibility in organization and data visualization you might be accustomed to with other tools like Asana and Jira. Its fully featured chat tool makes use of department and project-specific spaces similar to the channels of Slack and MS teams.

While these features aren’t necessarily anything to get excited about, where ClickUp really starts to distinguish itself from other apps is through the addition of docs. ClickUp’s document editor has a robust system of tools and features to help you realize your projects from within the same ecosystem you track their completion. The Clikcup doc editor is essentially a Notion clone, the flexibility of which can be adapted to an endless number of unique projects and use cases.

Another tool that ClickUp removes the need to leave the app in order to use is the whiteboard. The ClickUp whiteboard features the same project planning, sketching, and collaborative brainstorming functionality as tools like Miro and Figjam. The ability to generate brainstorm sessions and link to them natively within the same app you’re using to plan and track projects is super convenient and makes for much easier reference than relying on integrations.

ClickUp is free for personal use. You can learn more and try it here.


Taylor is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. Taylor is a graphic designer, illustrator, and Design Lead at Weirdsleep.


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