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WWW… Wednesday! Panda News Reader

by Taylor Slattery | January 29, 2020

Panda News Reader

These days, when it comes to where, how, and what kind of news we get, we have an endless number of options online. We can access feeds of highly curated content that pertain to any specific interest, whether that be pugs in tuxedos, or niche cacti. But with this abundance of information has come a new set of challenges. The fear of missing out and information overload have both appeared as byproducts of living in the information age. With the sheer amount of content and information produced every day and the algorithm-curated feeds on platforms like Instagram and Youtube, as a user, it’s easy to feel like you’re losing control over the content you consume.

panda news reader grid

Features native to most browsers like homepages and bookmarks are useful but can become hard to manage as they grow in number. Their design hasn’t changed much if at all since the earliest days of the internet and new tools have come along that better match the way we’ve grown to use the internet. Panda is one such tool. It allows users to follow all of their favorite sites and browse their feeds in a single location. Users can cut through the noise of computer-generated feeds and get right to the content that matters most.

panda cross-eyed layout

With so many great sites available, it can be hard to remember them all. You may miss out on quality content simply because there’s too much of it to keep up with. Rather than visiting all of your favorite sites individually, use Panda to place them all in a single location. You can organize your sites by placing them into groups like design, business, or sports to further refine your feed. You can also sort the content of each site by popularity or most recent, saving you from mindlessly browsing and keeping you up to date on the latest news.

There are 9 different layouts to choose from, each catering to a different type of information-consumption style. Place your sites in a grid with thumbnails and headlines, or opt for a simple list format. You can easily browse through the top content and save articles for later if you don’t have time for a long read. There is also a dark mode for those who browse at night or are looking for a more inconspicuous experience. Panda is available as a chrome extension and in browser-based form here.


Taylor is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. Taylor is a graphic designer, illustrator, and Design Lead at Weirdsleep.


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