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Watercolor has a rich tradition dating back centuries, and is still enjoyed by today's artists for its unique color effects and wide range of techniques. In this intensive online watercolor course, you'll explore traditional techniques including various washes, glazes, scumbles, resists, and more, getting feedback from a professional artist to help you hone your skills and perfect each project. The class involves creating a series of complete watercolor paintings.

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Student work by Eladia Laines

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Course Outline

1 - Essential Knowledge for Watercolor

Choosing the right materials is essential to creating watercolor art, and in this lesson you are introduced to the paints, brushes, papers, and other tools necessary. And you'll use them right away as you will also explore color's qualities and basic color mixing, and create a color grid. You'll gain an introduction to water to paint ratio and basic mark-making.

Project - Two monochromatic pieces

2 - Special Techniques for Watercolor

Watercolor's wide range of techniques make this medium so versatile, and you'll explore many of them in this lesson, starting with mastering your brush strokes, correcting mistakes, and tips for underpainting. You'll learn to apply flat and graded washes, create interesting dry brush effects, work with wet-in-wet paintings, and use materials like tissue, plastic, and wax for infinite looks and styles.

Project - Technique exploration

3 - Creating a Body of Work

The medium of watercolor is centuries old, and there is much to be learned from prominent traditional artists. While exploring many of these important figures, you'll learn to dissect their systems and apply historical influence to your work. Subject matter is explored, including why we learn representational painting and how to engage the audience with your subjects. Development of a series is also covered, and you'll apply what you've learned in the exercise, creating your own series of works.

Project - Series of works

Course Outcomes

Students in this course can expect to learn to:

  • Select appropriate materials for watercolor painting.
  • Create a color grid and demonstrate watercolor's unique color properties.
  • Mix colors, create an appropriate water:paint ratio, and load the brush.
  • Establish control over the brush and a wide range of brush marks.
  • Use drawing, blocking, and underpainting to prepare a watercolor painting.
  • Apply paint using washes, glazes, scumbles, textures, resists, and other important techniques.
  • Use historical influence and artist studies to shape your personal style.
  • Paint representationally and choose engaging subject matter.
  • Articulate your painting concepts in individual pieces and series.

Course Registration

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Software and Supplies

To take this course you'll need:

  • Computer with Internet connection.
  • Watercolor paints, paper, brushes, and other art supplies (full list provided in the course.)
  • Basic experience in drawing and painting.
  • A digital camera (or ability to digitize film photos) to submit your project work digitally.

Who’s Teaching

Course developed by Annika Connor

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