2019 Student Ambassadors Announced

by Sessions Staff | August 20, 2019
Education is about feedback, collaboration, the confluence of teacher and learner. So, you may wonder, how do students at Sessions College ensure their views are represented? How do the staff and faculty at Sessions create a channel to find out what students think about the school?

The answer is our Student Ambassadors program. Since 2010 we have assembled a volunteer group of talented students who are here to tell us what to do. (And to be asked, are we on the right track?) The Student Ambassador group has three online meetings per year, with topics ranging from new student marketing to community to promoting discussions and participation.

As Sessions College approaches its 2020 Accreditation renewal, our 2019-20 Student Ambassadors are:

Please join us in thanking these students for their service to the future development of Sessions College.

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