Announcing the 2016 Outstanding Graduate Awards

by Sessions Staff | December 12, 2016

Every year at Sessions College, we work with talented students who go above and beyond. Who pay attention to detail and are constantly improving their craft. Whose work is not only creative but the product of sound research, an openness to feedback, and a commitment to making their work the best it can be. We hate to say goodbye when they graduate, but we are confident they will continue to make an impact as creatives.

And how do we honor those students?

We are delighted to announce our 2016 Outstanding Graduates Awards. Each year at the end of fall term, Sessions College will announce a set of outstanding graduates. Award winners receive a handsome physical award and an academic recognition that can help a graduate in their future career.

And the winners are:

Please visit their award pages and join us in congratulating these students on their awards.

Sessions College 2016 Outstanding Graduates Chris Telford (left) and  Jessica Somerton (right).

About the Annual Awards Event

The award selection process was developed by the Sessions College President Gordon Drummond and Student Services team led by Tyler Drake working in coordination with Department Heads and Education staff. 

Award recipients must 2016 graduates recommended by Faculty and staff. They must have an excellent academic record and strong graduating portfolio of work. They must have distinguished themselves in their overall participation in their classes and/or made other notable contributions to the Sessions College community.

By establishing this award we hope to identify talents that will shine bright in the design world.  We hope to inspire graduates to push forward in their careers and students to excel in their classes.

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