Back to School for Fulfillment and Fun

by Lenae Church | October 14, 2019
Marketing Design Certificate student and Student Ambassador Ashley Rich trained as an interior designer when she was younger, before family commitments took priority. Now that she’s working in marketing, she wanted to get more actively involved in design at her company, and her employer was happy to help out! Right she’s having so much fun it sometimes doesn’t feel like school, though she feels like the new skills she’s learning can be applied not only at work but also in her personal life.

Ashley, you trained as an interior designer. Why did you pursue a Certificate in Marketing Design?

I have always had a passion for design and art in general but haven’t been able to build my skills and fulfill my passion much since becoming a wife and mother. Other things just take priority. However, my employer offered this opportunity to go back to school so I thought it would be silly not to jump on it!

Why did you choose to study online at Sessions College?

At this time in my life, with work and a family, a classroom setting is just not feasible. I also like the idea of not having deadlines, of being able to work at my own pace, and being able to resubmit my work! So far it’s been great. It hardly feels like school but I am learning a lot!

How is your current program similar (or different) to other online classes you’ve taken?

I had previously done online schooling through the University of Phoenix for Healthcare Administration. For those classes we had discussion boards that we had to submit responses to a certain amount of times in order to get our participation grade in that class. We also had papers or assignments we needed to do.

This program is very different from that. I like that all of the assignments that I am doing have to do with what my certificate will be in. I can also use these assignments in a portfolio in the future. I will also be able to use these skills for many different things, both professional and personal.

What’s the most fun or enjoyable project you’ve worked on?

I actually just finished an assignment for my Marketing Design class that was enjoyable to do. It was the Honolulu Military Ball invitation. I had a lot of fun making that. My husband was in the Marine Corps, so the military holds a special place in my heart. I also had a lot of fun making a horror movie poster for my Photoshop class a few months back.

How is your program helping you advance in your creative job – or outside?

So far I have used many of the skills that I’ve learned from these classes in developing a few items for my employer for job fairs such as flyers and display boards. I am also planning to use these skills to work on a few personal projects.

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Lenae is a Student Advisor. Lenae has spent her entire life making, loving, and appreciating art of all kinds and understands what it is like to pursue your dream of an artistic career.