Fall 2019 Degree Scholarships

by Sessions Staff | October 27, 2019
We are proud to announce three scholarship winners who entered the Sessions College degree program in Fall 2019. Our Degree Scholarship Program for new Associate Degree applicants offers financial awards in six adult learner categories.

The Acceptance Committee would like extend its thanks to all who applied! The committee’s job is never easy. The winners are:

We’re delighted to have these students in the AOS program. Here are some highlights from applicant essays:

Bridge Student – Alejandra Villagra

Finding Sessions has been really great, I took a chance and decided to do the Undergraduate Certificate Program in Graphic Design. When I first started the program I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to juggle my work and school. Not only have I been able to do juggle work and school, I have also added in an internship that also takes up some of my time. It has been very beneficial and I’m actually proud of a lot of the work that I have done with these online courses.

24/7 Parent – Rianna Ladyman

When I first started online college, I was wanting to do something that pushed the limits of my creativity. My daughter was around 9-10 months old when I started working on my Undergraduate Certificate in Illustration. It was difficult at first trying to work on homework from my classes and taking care of my daughter, but I was determined to find different ways to make this work. Signing up for online college was the best decision I have ever made when moving forward with my life and to be a good example for my child when telling her that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Bridge Student – Maddie Vansoest

I found myself working in a position that encouraged me to assist with some of the graphic design elements for marketing campaigns. I rediscovered my love of the visual arts. I knew that being part of the marketing campaigns, especially in supporting startup companies, was something I found to be exciting and worth pursuing. Looking back, all my creative career steps have led me to my knowing I have found my heart’s work in graphic design. I have been successful in my opportunities to help the graphic team with my employer and I have excelled in the classes I have taken with Sessions. I have found my passion for the arts that had been taken from me years ago.

To find out more about degree program scholarships at Sessions College, visit our Designed for You Scholarship page. Awards are available for eligible new program enrollees in a range of adult learner categories.  Scholarships may be combined with other forms of aid such as Federal Student Aid to make your program more affordable.

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