Finding Inspiration in Graphic Design

by Lauren Hernandez | August 2, 2023
Sessions College student Bobbie Villarruel switched from Illustration to a Graphic Design major when she discovered she liked exploring solutions to design problems. In this interview she talks about her new major, her inspirations, and her freelance goals upon graduation. Bobbie is currently working in this design department at her company.

Q: How did you become interested in graphic design and why did you choose Sessions College?

I have always been a very creative individual and have known since very early on that I had a strong passion for design. Initially, I started my time here at Sessions in the Illustration program. I absolutely loved it and learned so much valuable information that will help me throughout my career. However, I came to realize that my ultimate goal was to become a graphic designer. So I switched programs. I chose Sessions as I also work full-time so this gives me the freedom and flexibility to make my own schedule and be able to log on at my convenience.

Q: What does your design process look like and what/who inspires you to create?

My design process always begins with research. A ton of it. This is driven by observation, identification of the problem, the current solution, and creating a better solution of my own. After research, I play around with ideas and concepts. This is where things get fun! During this phase, I feel so inspired. One aspect of life that continually inspires me is nature. There is so much beauty outdoors and I find it helps fuel my creative fire.


Q: What designer do you recommend someone check out and why?

Someone I would highly recommend checking out is @kristy.thepinkpony. She is a Branding, Packaging, and Graphic Designer who has her own design business as well as a podcast. With a huge presence online she creates content that is fun and helps other designers to get inspired and to excel in their craft! I follow her on IG and love her work.

Q: What shows, books, or exhibitions have inspired you lately, and why?

A neat book I recently received, is, The Designer’s Dictionary of Color. Written by Sean Adams, this book takes a look at the cultural, historical, and social meanings of colors. It showcases examples of successful usage of each, as well as options for palette variations. The pages are beautiful and it really helps inspire my play with color!


Q: Can you talk about your experience being a part of the Student Ambassadors program?

Being a part of the Student Ambassadors program has been quite exciting! I was so happy to have been chosen and have loved being able to voice my opinions and thoughts in order to make current and future students’ time here enjoyable and worthwhile! The ability to directly connect with staff who can implement changes has been awesome. I feel as though my voice is heard and actions are taken, which has been very nice to see.

Q: What has been your favorite project that you’ve done in your program so far and why?

Oh, this is a tough one! There have been so many projects I have enjoyed working on. They have also all helped to improve and diversify my portfolio. One of my most recent favorite projects was my stamp design. The task was to create an original design that represented a particular period within the history of design. I chose the Art Deco movement. At first, you think the project would be relatively simple but it is actually quite challenging getting all the design details into a small little square stamp canvas, all while creating a design that is a standout.

Q: What are your professional or personal goals for your creative endeavors after graduation?

My ultimate goal is to work full-time freelancing (a favorite of mine is branding and logos). However, right now working within the design department for my current company will allow me to continue to grow and improve as a designer. I look forward to what the future holds and am very thankful for the time spent here at Sessions.

Lauren Hernandez is the Manager, Faculty and Curriculum Development at Sessions College. Lauren is an artist, educator, and former middle-school teacher with a passion for everything art-related. Outside of work, Lauren likes to take care of her plants and hang out with her bird.