Student Profile: Samantha-Jo Faktor

by Sessions Staff | August 26, 2020
Who studies at Sessions College? You can meet our students in our occasional series of Student Profiles. Florida-based Illustration student Samantha-Jo Faktor is in her second term at Sessions College.

1. Favorite Typeface – Acumin

2. Favorite PMS color – Pantone 1265 C

3. Favorite Creative tool – Lasso Tool

4. Favorite Shortcut key – Q

5. Favorite Bookmark

6. Favorite Movie or show – Law and Order SVU

7. Favorite Book – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

8. Favorite Designer – Joe Benitez

9. Favorite Source for design inspiration – China and Steampunk

10. Favorite Sessions Project So Far – Photo Safari Travel Poster in DES 121: Photoshop I

11. Favorite Element About Design School – Working alongside other artists and being taught by professionals in the industry.

12. My advice for aspiring designers – Open yourself up to different types of art and incorporate it into your working knowledge of design.

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