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Free Font Friday: Nerko One

by Taylor Slattery | February 5, 2021

Nerko One is a handwritten display typeface created by Nermin Kahrimanovic. It’s got a chunky friendly appearance that pulls the viewer in with its inviting appearance. It’s mostly uniform stroke width gives it the visual effect of having been written with a thick marker, though not with the chisel tip variety, as the strokes terminate in smooth round caps further selling its casual vibe. This marker-like boldness also grants it great legibility. Nerko One works well at both large and small sizes despite its small x-height.

Although it feels as though it was handwritten with a marker, Nerko One doesn’t feel like graffiti or a quick scribble. Its letterforms are neat and consistent, like the notes of a diligent student, which adds to its charm. The roundness of its letterforms and their subtle imperfections in angle gives it a bubbly casual vibe that can lend a subtle human touch to your work.

As such, it would make a great choice for pull-quotes or titles for interviews or just about any situation in which you need to bring the text to life. Nerko One presents an easy means of injecting some personality into your design. Nerko One is available in a single weight and you can find it for free here.


Taylor is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. Taylor is a graphic designer, illustrator, and Design Lead at Weirdsleep.


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