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Replicating Success

by Jill Meyer | March 11, 2019

Replicating Success - Sessions College

Persistence and failing is just as important as success in businessWe watched Lady Gaga’s acceptance speech recently at the Oscars with delight and admiration. She’s had quite the successful year winning awards, but she humbly talked about the hard work and trials she’s persevered through “It’s not about winning,” Gaga said. “What it is about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it. If there is a discipline or passion, it’s not how many times you get rejected or you fall down or are beaten up. It’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and keep on going.” 

If you’ve failed or if you’ve succeeded, what strategies worked best for you in 2018? It is important to step back and take the time to assess what you did right and then repeat it. Too often, we plow forward, dealing with the immediate tasks at hand. We have successes here and there but are not consistent. Do you want to see steady and rapid growth for your business? Just look at what you’ve done right so far and focus on that! It may help to investigate what your competition is doing right too.  

Start looking at which posts on social media had the most engagement. What is the common thread? There are analytic sites that you can pay for such as Social Rankor you can do your own research. Even with analytic help, know that growth is not immediate, be patient and keep going. 

As a small business your product or service is fundamentally unique. You are the catalyst that drives your company! Allow yourself to study similar business formats but don’t be defined by other people’s journeys. There is always a take-away from researching other entrepreneurs and enterprising advocates. Look into digital and in-person networking organizations for inspiration and fraternal support.  

Replicating Success - Sessions College Online

I’m always inspired by the human spirit and its ability to endure setbacks and overcome obstacles. Amaiya Zafar and Ziena Nassar, female Muslim boxers, played large roles with lobbying the International Boxing Association to allow women athletes the right to wear a hijab during boxing matches. This opens the doors for competing in the 2020 Olympics. There are literally thousands of stories like this that we can draw inspiration from. I encourage you to assess and repeat successes this year. 


Jill Meyer is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. A Scottsdale, Arizona resident, Jill is an artist, decorative painter, interior designer, and writer.


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