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WWW… Wednesday! Coda

by Taylor Slattery | April 5, 2022

There’s always room for improvement and in our undying pursuit of optimization, we often find ourselves spread thin. The past couple of years have seen many adopt specialized tools designed specifically for collaboration and productivity tools for organization, all while relying on docs and spreadsheets to do the heavy lifting. While new exciting tools undoubtedly add speed and efficiency to our workflows, housing various documents and information across each can quickly become difficult to manage. The same precious time these tools save us is often spent tracking down the info we’re looking for.

Coda is a doc-based tool that combines the familiar functionality of Google Workspace with the ease of use of Notion. Building highly specific, custom docs takes no time at all using Coda’s building blocks. Similar to a website builder, each block has a specific function, like tables, text fields, and charts, which can be added and rearranged to custom-tailor your document to fit your needs. Unlike Google Workspace, where docs and sheets live in separate tools, Coda brings the same functionality into a single unified space.

Users familiar with Google Workspace or Notion will find the UI incredibly familiar. New users will also find Coda’s interface to be approachable and intuitive and will be able to build complex docs in no time at all. Coda is built with collaboration in mind. With features like voting and project tracking, reaching consensus and charting accountability has never been easier. The ability to collect opinions and feedback makes for easy decision-making and helps to drive projects forward.

Coda uses connected data, so when changes are made to a database, tables, charts, and any other blocks connected to it will update automatically. Coda integrates natively with all of your favorite tools, too, so whether you need to connect with the team via Slack, or sync dates with your Google calendar, there’s a pack to help make it happen. Coda’s integrations and ease of sharing make it a great tool for creating living documents and housing any important info that needs constant reference and modification.

Coda also has an excellent gallery that features real-world case studies of how companies like Pinterest and Figma alongside Coda’s vast user base have used the tool to solve specific problems. Another great feature of the gallery is its selection of templates for common project types like project briefs, OKR trackers, and meeting notes which allow you to jump right into a focused session without delay.

You can learn more about Coda and try it for yourself here.


Taylor is the Managing Editor of Notes on Design. Taylor is a graphic designer, illustrator, and Design Lead at Weirdsleep.


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