2016 Outstanding Graduates

These are the 2016 Outstanding Graduate Award recipients at Sessions College:


Jessica Somerton, AOS in Web Design

“In June, I was offered a job as a Graphic Designer. I don’t think it would have happened without the solid, varied portfolio Sessions helped me build.” Read more


Scott Warren, AOS in Web Design, Undergraduate Certificate in Graphic Design

“The courses were all career focused and put all the attention to the goal at hand: becoming a designer.” Read more


Kim Schiavone, AOS in Illustration

“The program taught me to focus my energy, offering valuable debate, interaction, and feedback from faculty and classmates.” Read more


Natasha Gonzales, AOS in Web Design

“What I really loved about Sessions was how focused and applicable the curriculum was.” Read more


Chris Telford, AOS in Graphic Design

“I appreciate how much the instructors challenged me to find the next step in my development.” Read more


Eladia Laines, AOS in Illustration

“This is a hands down amazing school, and I always feel the staff are there for me in any way they can.” Read more