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2018 Outstanding Graduates

These are the 2018 Outstanding Graduate Award recipients at Sessions College:


Sharon Capps, AOS in Graphic Design

“I am already using the degrees I have earned through my own photography business as well as teaching at a local Christian school in their computer and yearbook class.” Read more


Ivan Hunt, AOS in Digital Photography

“I plan to become my own boss, starting my own design and photography business.” Read more


Meka Angoe, Professional Certificate in Web Design

“Working with an agency would allow me to continue to learn and add to my skill-set on my journey of becoming the best web developer that I can be.” Read more


Cynthia Keith, AOS in Advertising Design

“I was recently promoted to the Creative Director for the local publication I work for. I now oversee a design team and other important areas of three publications in the West Georgia area.” Read more


Alicia Hernandez, AOS in Illustration

“Sessions made it possible for me, to not only get two degrees, but to thrive.” Read more